Gwyneth Scally lives and works in New York City.  She was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and her work is deeply informed by an early immersion in the worlds of politics and journalism; the malleable natures of truth and information are important themes in her paintings, as are the underlying psychological and historical forces that shape our visual culture. The artist’s father is a British journalist who covered Congressional environmental legislation, and her mother’s Italian heritage provided the artist with an exposure to Catholicism that has influenced her use of symbolism and metaphorical narrative. Scally spent much of her childhood on the family sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay; her work has been strongly influenced by the dark waters of the Chesapeake, and by the strange primordial creatures that live in its depths.

Scally received her MFA from the University of Arizona. She has worked as an artist and professor in Arizona, North Carolina, and New York, interspersing her work with travel to- and exhibitions in- Latin America, Europe, Northern Africa, Los Angeles, China, Newfoundland and the Black Sea of Bulgaria. Scally has participated in over eighty exhibitions, and has received numerous grants and awards; Most recently, she received a grant to spend the summer in Glacier National Park, making video work about the vanishing ice. The artist’s recent work has been inspired by the tenuous link between urban green spaces and our archetypal national Wilderness; she has turned her attention to issues of Global Warming, melting ice, and the legacy of the Romantic Sublime. Juxtaposing images of forests and human-built subjects, and ideas of urban parks, Arizona and the Arctic, Scally explores issues of displacement, nostalgia, and climatic longing, while suggesting deeper issues of an environmental order overturned.